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Read the latest update from Hillside dated 30th June 2022

Update 30th June 2022: 

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a Covid outbreak.   As per the Welsh Government Guidance, we are not going to restrict visiting as residents enjoy visits from their families and friends which improves their sense of wellbeing.  However, if you have a particular vulnerability that you are concerned about or you just do not wish to be exposed to Covid at this time then you may wish to postpone a visit.

Alternatively, you may prefer to reduce your potential exposure by booking an outside visit in either the Ground or 2nd floor visiting areas via our Booking system in the normal way or book via Kath Evans, our Administrator, if you prefer.  It is also really nice for your loved ones to know when you are visiting as they can look forward to this and likewise for the team to know on the day.

We politely request that you wear a mask if you come into the home whilst in communal areas and that you take an LFD test prior to visiting.  If you need any masks or some LFD Tests from us then please just ask.