Hillside’s Quality Survey

We are conducting a Resident / Family & Friends survey and would really appreciate hearing your views and any suggestions by 1st November 2023.

Please enter your name below and then, for each statement, please simply select (or tick) the option that best reflects your view. If you’ve got any suggestions, then please write them in the places provided. Then just click the blue ‘Submit’ box at the end of the form, or if you’re completing this questionnaire by hand then either put it in the ‘Survey box’ or give it to Kath, me or indeed any member of the staff team.

Thank you for your time,

Sharda Griffith, Home Manager - 16th October 2023

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Question 1

I am really happy with the care given by the Nurses & Carers at Hillside.

Question 2

‘Personal care’ – incl. people’s hair, nails, teeth, cleanliness, general presentation & hearing aids / glasses is really good.

Question 3

I am really happy with the food, drinks & snacks at Hillside. There is a good variety and the quality is excellent.

Question 4

The home is clean, tidy & odour free and people’s clothes are washed & ironed properly and neatly presented.

Question 5

The lounges & communal facilities are positive spaces, well maintained and which enhance people’s wellbeing.

Question 6

The gardens & grounds are well maintained and provide a positive & accessible environment for people.

Question 7

The team do their utmost to help ensure that people do not feel lonely, helpless or bored?

Question 8

I am happy with the activities, events, trips & the variety of things to do at Hillside.

Question 9

The home is warm and homely, there is a friendly atmosphere and it is a nice place for people to live and to visit.

Question 10

I am confident in the management & leadership of the home and feel that they are very approachable.

Question 11