Why a dual registered home ?

We believe that catering to the needs of residents who fall into either the Residential or Nursing categories of care is the best approach for several reasons.


  • If a resident’s condition deteriorates, either suddenly or over a long time, then the home will still able to care for them. They will not need to endure the stress and anxiety of moving to a new home at exactly the time when they least want it. They will be familiar with the entire care team, the environment and will have that continued comfort.
  • Likewise with the individual’s wider family. It is often a resident’s family who conducts the search for a suitable care home, a process which can sometimes be lengthy and difficult in its own right. The last thing they want to do is to suddenly have to repeat the search just because their mum or dad’s condition has deteriorated for example.
  • Having qualified Nurses on site 24 hours a day every day helps ensure that the level of clinical care is consistently of a high standard and can provide a level of expertise available immediately in the event of a clinical emergency.
  • The skill level of the entire staff team is enhanced and maintained at a higher level for the benefits of all residents who live at the care home.